soon it will be Christmas day...

well, we went to Belize city for thanksgiving. for some reason, and to my utter surprise, i was filled with joy to be there. i never thought i would get such a high from belize city. i was bouncing down the dirty streets smiling at people and almost cried with joy in brodies (the big grocery store) because they were playing Christmas music and had otis spunkmyer muffins and cookies. i was wishing that everyone could be there with me seeing the things i was seeing, which is why i didn't post a picture this time... i want to paint you one...so to speak: a pile of wheelchairs and broken mattresses in front of a retirement home, a man in a wife beater pacing and talking to him self, a man with a cast on his arm that was oozing with blood, a brown polluted river that looks like the toxic mote around the swings and the tital wave at lagoon, a man who stopped us to tell us the history of the myans for money and said the phrase "bull shhh.....ut your mouth little boy!", long wierd toenails, dreds, tourists getting thier hair braided (which if you come here, that's not okay..), a lot of t-shirts that say things like "my boyfriends cuter than yours", "no you didn't", "Sexy Diva", and for some reason, totally out of the norm was a miniture department store with a blow up snow storm ball on the front lawn. so welcome to belize city.


a quick tour

well, so not much different from the pictures. but maybe that will give a better idea of the set up. one great thing about living in belize is that people bring things to sale to you right to your door..tortillas, icecream, water, or you can just send kids on errands. it's cool. something less cool is that someone didn't pay past dues on the electricity so we haven't had any for a while. but it's been kind of nice in someways. and the water goes out every night. and we have fleas. and mice on the counters. and big flying beatles that are creepy. and the cat we got for the rat got caught in the rat trap and was stuck to the floor in sticky rat trap crap. other than that the house is great.


o sar.

well, right now i am laughing really hard, because i meant to put on the next picture, but i accidently uploaded this one. however, i think i will leave it just for a short while, for the lucky and diligent viewers.

there, that's better...kind of.

we are so happy you came sar. and so sad you have left. we can feel your absence in the house you helped turn into a home, especially with the creepy rabbit picture...but on a happy note your dad was right...we are SOOOOO excited to have our space back. j/k oh. you know i'm just having a little fun with you! LOVE YOU!
ash and todd
PS. i hardly ever do more then one blog at once, but if you keep scrolling you will find our house pictures....

Parade of Homes Belize 2007 Winner

Here it is, straight out of scenic silk grass. Going for $200 bz, $100 us per month, OBO.

The spacious living room. Sleeps up to 4: 2 hammocks and a futon.

Here is the modern laundry room. Not built without a price. We had to search all over Dangriga for those buckets, and then wash out all the pig tail grease. But as the saying goes 'it will all come out in the wash'.

The furnished bedroom with a romantic bug net mostly for looks, except for to keep out the bugs and rats.


thumbs up

SAR's HERE!! in case you didn't recognize her in that scary mask! we went down to punta gorda and picked her up! there was a big peace corps gathering there last weekend. YEAH!! (eric, you made the blog!)

so hitch hiking has become our main source of income savings. yesterday alone we saved $32 dollars between the 3 of us, and this was our best ride.

so this is it. i know what you are thinking. "but it cleans up real nice" we will post more pictures of the inside... we love it. it's so white trash/carribean. we burn our trash out back. who would have thought.

we went to the zoo! it was a hit. all the animals are native to belize and none of them have been taken out of the wild. these two pictured were the wildest animals in the whole place. blog ha ha!!

so we got a couple new additions besides sar. we heard that cats keep out rats...so here he is. rueben.

and here is ed. no todd is not a dog person. so ed wandered to our house last week looking starved and sickly. we didn't intend to get a dog, but he just sort of came to us. we gave him a bath and dewormed him and just as we were taking a liking to him and wanting to keep him forever, a small boy knocked on our door and took him right out of my lap while i swung on the hammock. so now we are in the process of buying ed back. oh ed.

last but not least...brian! thanks so much for coming down to visit! it was a pleasure!
and check sar's blog....www.saragilmore.blogspot.com
ps sorry some of the pictures are sideways. i can't flip them on this computer, and i didn't realize it til after the post. o well.