arrested development

yup. that pretty much sums up our progression. but here is a photographic gallery to summerize our point.

and finally. the final out come. all professional ready for work. can't be *misbe'shavin'!
Another fun thing is that i got to go to the unitas last week with todd! a strange man took this picture for us and emailed it to us after we gave him our email via a little hand held recorder.
basically i helped todd "erase the trace" all week. we hiked a lot of trails, cleared fire rings, and talked to boy scouts about Leave No Trace. This is the contraversal t shirt alina designed and gave to me that i wore as my ... dang it i can't remember the word. not costume, but as the thing i wore to work in. anyway, if you can think of the word let me know. i think it starts with a 'p'. but the main thing is, look close and see if you can figure out why it is contraversal. we will take a vote.


it's hard to know what is blog worthy these days, but i think we will all agree that todd's beard has made the cuts. ever since i went short, he has gone long beyond what i have ever dreamed. it is to the point of double takes from men in stores. the picture hardly gives it justice, considering we haven't bought a camera yet and we are still using photo booth for all of our pictures.

other than the beard, we are just existing. todd started his job and has been gone a lot which is a mix up from our peace corps routine of pretty much being together 24 hours a day. he left again this morning and is doing his first wilderness expedition in the grandydaddy basin. up until now he has just been training in duchesne and roosevelt mostly. so on his days off we tried to think of some exciting thing to do, but considering gas prices, we just spent most of our time going on runs and riding our bikes. last night we went on a little ride with creed that ended up being a 20 mile adventure. it was a little longer than we expected, but it was fun. i am back on the fuji right now, which some of you might be happy about because the twin schwin is in the shop. but it feels good to be reunited, and gilbert i haven't forgotten about the pump i owe you on campus that you won at the raffle.

other than that we have been spending a lot of time with family and friends which is fun, and we love you all!