*miss silk grass

i have to admit that i have been a little homesick for silk grass lately. but luckily this morning i was blessed with a little taste of my old home. i was awaken early this morning from a pleasant dream where i was being reunited with a long lost friend. outside my window i could hear this. (oh, now i am talking about what really happened, not my dream.) "GET OUT OF MY YARD!" "Brodie STOP. STOP IT! GET OVER HERE!" "What do you have?? A BALL!? my kids don't get balls! MY KIDS AREN'T ALLOWED TO HAVE THOSE!!" first of all. what the crap? and after i wrote it, i realized it sounds a little weird. but to be honest, i have to say that it gave me such a sense of peace to hear screaming outside my window in the early hours. so to that mom with weird restrictions, thank you. and to all the loud kids and crying babies in silk grass in a weird, but not creepy way, i miss you.

but i'm not crying. my eyes are just a little bit sweaty today.

*miss silk grass is supposed to be a pun. get it ? like the pageant, and i miss it. and i am sorry that i am explaining my joke.


thinking of you

we would just like to say we are thinking of all our friends in belize, belizeans, pc, canadiens, and we are praying for the safety and health of everyone, please stay safe, keep in touch, and if you have any info on Silk Grass, pass it on please, as you can imagine we have no direct contact with silk grass right now. for those who dont know, southern belize, just got hit with a massive rainstorm/tropical storm that flooded all of the stann creek district, wiped out bridges, flooded homes, and whole communities. i dont know all the details, i just know it is pretty bad and they could use all the good feelings, vibes, prayers and thoughts heading their way.