26. a year of firsts. a marathon and a massage.

Well, it happened. and we didn't die. which is what i thought might happen. it was my first and todd's third.
this is around mile 22. notice i am staggering in the background. we had some helpful encouragement at this point. thanks guys! todd's family and jez and sara kept us going. unfortunately my family couldn't make it. my mom was making crafts with my sister in tooele for super saturday. i was hoping they would have a hand painted "good job" at the finish line, but maybe next year.
jez titled this picture "pumping up the jam." that was all i could muster.
now this is fun. this picture and the one below it is a little contrast between todd's last marathon and this one. creepishly you can hardly tell todd is the same person. he has just changed so darn much.

and the theatrical finish. not todd's best marathon time, but i think the greatest accomplishment is that he somehow stayed with me the entire race. overall it was a great time. i was expecting it to be a little more dramatic, like more runner's trotting and what not. we had a few classic annoying people yelling out motivational one liners like "who owns this marathon?? the people in bed? no we do!" it reminded me of when i worked at wendy's and our manager would yell out while flipping hamburgers.. "Quality is my speed limit!" so. actually we were surprisingly happy the whole time. i kept thinking that at some point i would just wish it was over. that came around about mile 24, but for the most part there was no where else i could think of that i would rather be. i just wanted to experience every step of it. so for all of you who are considering one, if i can do it, so can you. and to all of you who were my inspiration, thanks! it was awesome!


Why Tri?

Just todd looking out his office window. Another hard day of work. ( i bet that is a fun work joke that circulates around these kinds of jobs and just never gets old...)

a strange thing occurred on saturday. my little sister aubri was signed up to do a triathlon but found out she had a cross country meet the same day. so she called and asked if i would take her place. the night before i decided what the heck and decided to do it. i didn't want anyone to know who i was at the meet in case i was really bad. i drove sara's car, wore todd's helmet, and raced under the alias of aubri mcswain. if any of you ever decide to tri one, practice swimming.