on monday i saved a chiwawa, on thursday i had a baby

Today is officially our due date. Two weeks ago while paying the bills I saw a chiwawa running around the post office parking lot. I almost ran him over. He was darting under cars. I jumped out of my car and chased him around behind the post office while he ran under one post office vehicle to another. I coaxed him with a yogurt lid. I looked ridiculous. 9.5 months pregnant crouching on the ground trying to catch him. In all the excitement, I left my car door open. After a while, I saw him run to my car, so I ran over and looked under it. Nothing. Then I looked in the car. There he was sitting in the back seat. I knew he secretly wanted my help. I hurried and shut the door. He rode on top of the baby all the way to the humane society.

That was on Monday. On Thursday, the Ides of March, I went to work. My back hurt. I went home for a break. I decided to take Tuk for a walk to see if it would be better. We hiked up behind our house. Then my water broke. I called Todd, he was out in the field. He made it to the hospital an hour later. I sent him out again to get berries and gum for our 24-labor time. He almost missed the whole thing. Two hours later, we had this little guy... the whole thig is kind of a blur... I remember yelling things like.. "I need a break!" "It's go time!" and "et tu, baby"... just kidding about the last one.