This last week I had a wonderful discovery. I was awoken by Todd listening to NPR in the kitchen. The topic was hot trends in times of economic woe. They were discussing everything from what people eat to their taste in music when haad tymes come around. But the part that drew me from my bed was the discussion on the changing trend in what was “hip” for women during these times. The woman was saying that when the economy plummets, girls start wearing their hair shorter and men are drawn more to women with small eyes and less curvy bodies. The idea is that they want someone who looks more grown up, serious, and “masculine” so to speak that will make them feel secure when money gets tight. They even went as far as to say that the playboy bunny becomes a bit more... “straight-ish”. So my friends, guess who just got hot?

You guessed it. I always knew my squinty eyes and 12 year old boy body would get me far someday! It was a long and painful wait, but todd you at last have the trophy wife you always wanted! So as far as I’m concerned, down with the economy!