mikey and trevis

We went to the tree hugger's ball. It was great. There was a raffle. I had twelve quarters and bought 3 tickets. There was a particular prize i wanted so much. For some reason, the last two raffles I have been to, someone has given me their tickets when they had to leave early. I was standing on the stairs when a couple came by
and handed me a stack of tickets and wished me good luck. I could feel the good karma radiating from the tickets, and I knew they would produce me my particular prize. Just before the raffle, the thought came to me that I should share the tickets with the people with me. It seemed the right thing to do. To pass along the generosity and good energy. But the very power that seized Smeagle's heart came over me. My hands began to sweat and clutched the tickets with a choking greed. But I wouldn't be had. I wouldn't be the weak link that broke this chain of the goodness of mankind. So I split up the tickets among us, and kept my good faith that if it was meant to be, I would still go home with my prize. The raffle proceeded. I sat anxiously coming to terms with the idea of watching my prize walk away with another person who I had given the golden ticket to. I stared down at the fateful numbers as one by one they read them off. They read my numbers! I ran down, tripping to see what I won. Then sheepishly walked back trying to go unnoticed when the announcer told me i was mistaken. Then again. They read my numbers. I got up to claim my reward, but sat back. I I was too embarrassed to be wrong again. But then I saw it. The particular prize. He held it up. Read the numbers again. I leapt from my seat. Ran down the stairs. Then I walked away, rocking my particular prize with amazement in my arms. So I would like to take this time to thank the two ladies that gave me their raffle tickets without hesitation. I hope the universe circles the good karma back around to you and that I always find the courage to pass it along!

As for the pictures, my brothers have both found new talents! Trev as a photographer, and Mike a model! I am so darn proud! These were my favorites.


i have a few things to say

but it's pretty late. and mostly i just keep getting so sick of the pictures on our blog that i want to update. there is only so much "watch dog" you can take.

i think everyone should know just a couple things, then i will blog what i really have to say later.
first of all we met a girl who saved a butterfly by giving it mouth to mouth. just visualize that. use it as your meditation mantra. "in, out. in out." and picture it flying away with all your troubles...

i took the kids from school skiing. it was a dream. i can't wait to get pictures.

the tree hugger ball is coming up for todd's work. it is on the 27th if anyone wants to go. if you come, i'll talk todd into keeping the chops.