real quick... and maybe boring but..

there has been a few questions about what exactly we are doing... besides weird things... so i thought i would give everyone a quick little update...

Todd spends most of his days up at the park. Lately they have been smoking out the bats that live in the roof. they are working on getting the park ready for tourist season--which means mainly clearing trails and cutting the lawn. we are also working on a petition for the park so that loggers can't use the main road. i go up there with him about 2 times a week. he is also trying to get groups together to sell things at the park and marketing.

i have been working at schools mostly. i have 4 different schools i work with and right now i have 6 classes that i am teaching. i'm doing a program called jr. achievement and i'm working on starting some new clubs and i want to start teaching reading and english.

in between our projects we try to work on other things that are going on. last week we helped paint the school in silk grass, and we also got to go with some other volunteers to do a health project. we went to a school and helped check all the kids. we gave them deworming pills...which we should have given to todd... and measured them, weighed them, checked thier eyes...stuff like that. it was really cool.

so we met some friends down on the beach. they are always doing something interesting. todd always gets in on it, and drags me in somehow too. we thought mikey would like to make a sweet flip video with these guys!

and here is todd catching crabs with them!
so there it is. we love you and miss you!
ashli and todd



We dont know if this is the best way to tell you, but one of us has been eating for two!!!! We have only known for a couple of weeks!

NO Ashli is not pregnant, last week I (todd) found a strange little sore on my inner thigh, and early sunday morning I birthed a beautiful, not so healthy 1/2 inch baby worm, it was dead. yeah freaking nasty, i had been itching it for about a week and i had a thought that it might be the botfly, that puts an egg in you, but i thought thats only something you hear about on the internet, but it wouldn't go away, so i tried the local rememdy of suffocating the worm, everyone says that you need to cover the hole, and that is how they breath, So i still didn't think i had the botfly, but i put lotion on it to cover the hole anyway, and nothing happend, so i put some more on, put a strip of duct tape over the wound and went to bed. the next morning a woke up, stripped the tape off and nothing, so i tried to pop it again, annnd wallllah, the worm, sorry no pictures, true story
todd ash