unequipped for human existence.?

sometimes things feel right. then we think that means they will be easy. our last week has been somewhat like a root canal. and almost literally when i was getting 3 cavities filled in belize city. saying goodbye to belize, silk grass, and our friends was one of the hardest things we have ever done. we want you all to know that we love you with all of our hearts. our last night in silk grass was quite fitting. we cried with our neighbors, prayed in a circle holding hands with our branch members, hugged our chess kids goodbye, and sold/bartered every item in our house in less than 15 minutes to loud, dominating, kriol women. next thing we knew, our bed was being taken apart, our stove was getting loaded in a truck, and soon we were all alone in a blue empty house with our sad dog. so we cried for a while, cleaned the house, and slept together in one hammock and woke up about 4:30 the next morning and got ready to go. we had to leave ed. it was one of the saddest things ever. but for those of you who don't hate dogs, he has a new good home. some of our friends came and said goodbye to us at the airport and after a lot and a lot of tears we got on the plane. that's when we came to a strange realization. i guess some people just aren't born to be comfortable with regular. and somehow two people in this world like that found each other and sat on a plane laughing and crying about how it is to be unequipped for human existence. and it feels a little weird to feel so lost at home. but we are so happy to see our family and friends here-- we love you all so much too. so here's to peace corps. thanks to everyone who made it such an amazing, unforgettable, and hard to leave experience. and thanks to everyone here for welcoming us all back with so much love. oh heck, we just love you all.


mother load

and yet another photo booth picture. our timing on not having a camera is always convenient. if todd looks less then pleased it is because i just forced him to take this picture, but it is for a good cause, it is to say... HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! to our amazing moms! we love you so much! even though we have been so far away, they have found ways to help us out and to show us their love. Thank you both for everything you do. Thank you for the letters, packages, henious phone calls, books, reading supplies, and mom the kids looked SO cute in their Silk Grass chess tshirts! we know we are not the easy kids to deal with... but thanks for putting up with us. WE LOVE YOU!