i am so sick of those tree pictures

well heck. we haven't blogged in so darn long. it's hard when you see people and you wonder what on earth they could possibly care about you blogging when they see you all the time. or see you enough. but i will just give you a few quick updates:

-todd started a new job. it is an americore position at a non profit called tree utah. it is cool. he is helping to plant trees, coordinate volunteers, and work at the U in an environmental class.

-Christmas was fun.

-We went to Hawaii. It was great. i don't have pictures yet, but when i do, i'll post some. So here is one from when we went last time. Todd mostly surfed. I tried but I got cold and wasn't very good. Todd wore his Obama shirt the whole time in order to provoke my uncles, cousins, brother, dad, and grandpa. it was a great success. and i skydived. so did some of my family like aubri, jared, and trev. it was neat.

-Everyone is having a birthday! Happy birthday Aubs, Ty, Jared, Alina, Star, Faith and baby EV!!

-I went with sar to a meditation this week, and i loved it! everyone should come. my favorite part was when we had sharing time and someone would say their name..like "i am will." and everyone would say..."will" "will"

-Today I was in an assembly at East High modeling African clothes with the African kids I work with. If you are wondering if that is normal, it is not.

yeah, i found those pictures. but i got them off of facebook, so they are tiny. o well.