Watch Dog

Todd told me his co-worker is starting a watch dog for the police to keep an eye on their inappropriate use of violence. Which is funny, isn't that what the police are supposed to do? Would you call this a paradox, ironic, or a simple oxymoron? Remember the guy who got beat up by the police for not 'watching' his 'dogs'? It was all because he left his dogs in the car. We all better watch it these days.

(a watching dog)
(a "watch" dog)
There is a "watch dog" at the library. Or maybe a library police? If you have chocolate milk on the side of your desk, he will stand up from his desk which is right next to yours and yell at you. He will worn you that it will only take a small momentary dash to knock it on the floor and cause "everyone in the library ALOT of TROUBLE!" Believe me, he's "been there before!" And he will continue to warn you as he sits down. And for a while after that. But don't worry, it won't be that awkward. Because he carefully talks as loud as he can so other people will look.

We like to "watch" the "dogs" at the dog park. Some people are normal, most are not. The dogs are usually normal. I see uncomfortable, forced chats among dog owners. Todd saw an old couple put their dog into a stroller after it played.

Now let us not forget to:

("Watch") (DAWG!)

Could we ask for a better "watch dog"? Thank you bounty hunter!