todd is cool

after hours and hours of working and heniousness, todd got his website up! it isn't perfected yet, but it is very exciting! good job todd!

(by the way, as i am posting this he is working on it and is really mad. never make a web page if you dont have too.)


o canada

I finally got some pictures of mountain pine ridge to upload...
Last weekend our beloved Canadians (the Burgesses) took us to Five Sister Resort in Mountain Pine Ridge National Park. And what better way to thank them than to blog it. Five Sisters was amazing. The first time we saw it was in Jen and Creed's pictures when we found out we were coming to Belize, but we never thought we would have the chance to stay there! The beds were so comfortable we couldn't fall asleep. It was wonderful. and other than a few disputes on how to properly pronounce words like meal and process, we got along with the Canadians exceptionally well. Just kidding, we love them! We can't thank you guys enough for all that you have done for us since we have been here! WE LOVE YOU! Thanks again, it meant a great dill.



Today my brother is coming home from his mission. i am so excited, which is weird because i won't even be there to welcome him. which is kind of ironic because we were on our honeymoon in mexico when he left, and now here in belize. but i am SOO proud of him and i know he did an awesome job! WE LOVE YOU TREV! and can't wait to see you!!!
ash and todd


the snow ball

every night todd and i used to go running down a dirt road just outside of silk grass, but lately he has been playing soccer every night with the boys in the village. i am too scared to run down the dirt road by myself, so i have started running laps around the futball field. last week i had an amazing classic skating snow ball experience while running laps. it started with cliver and boris saying that they liked to run, and started running with me. as we rounded the corner after the first lap, a line of 4 boys were waiting to join us. i started to feel awkward as i ran around the field with several small boys. as i neared to todd i was thinking of stopping to talk so that i could get out of it, but all the men on the sidelines of the soccer game (including todd) started yelling "faster faster!" so we kept going. as we ran around the third time, small children began running out of their houses yelling "miss ashli!" and soon i had about 15 kids running along side me. as we passed our house, they all yelled to ed. then dog gang started coming out. now i had about 15 kids and a dog gang running laps with me. when i passed todd he just gave me a weird look, and so we all just kept going. then a few bikers joined. now things were really getting weird. there were some close collisions and a couple close dog disputes, but over all the dogs and kids were so happy, that i just kept going. finally i was done running, and all the kids and dogs flooded in behind me into my yard. i didn't know how to rid them, so i just had everyone do a few stretches and sent them all home to drink lots of water. the only thing that could have made it better is if "kissed by a rose" was playing in the background.


rook on, chess gang

Chess in Belize is getting 'royally' out of hand. we are trying to keep each other in 'check', but we are both so far 'pawn.' this last week we have been living and breathing chess. it has 'captured' our every moments. we started a chess club in january, and we had our first official tournament this week and went to a training for it last week. we couldn't even sleep. all 'knight' we dreamt of chess, and every time i woke up, visions of chess strategies would pop into my head. i had about 4 different games going through out the night. the tournament was a hit. our kids are between the ages of 9 and 11 and have names including: ivan, ivor, boris, cliver, henry, and cesar. every night about 14 kids come to our house and shout at our gate asking if they can practice chess. announcing the winners was heartbreaking and figuring them out was a nightmare. there is a reason why the nerds took over chess in the states. we can only take four kids to nationals in belmopan on may 3rd. they are all so cute, and we wish we could have taken them all. but congratulations to the winners: Henry, Jason, and the brothers Ivan and Ivor!