"hello trailer todd." "hello trash-li."

Sad to say it, but we will miss the closet. or at least the people outside of it. we've grown quite fond of all of them.

we are moving into a trailer. yes, that is fake brick with wood paneling underneath. and a cushioned counter and cushioned base boards. and soon chickens in the back yard. and there will soon be carpet on the porch. and there is a SPARE bedroom! we can't wait to have you come visit! i will make you breakfast if you make the best trailer trash joke.


okay fine, i'll post.

just kidding. i know that no one really cares if i post or not. it's mostly for my own musings. but i have been thinking lately of the weird places i have lived since i moved out of my parents house. not the locations necessarily, but the actual living quarters. i lived in an unfinished cabin with annie for a while. it was about 6 weeks before we had water, a toilet, electricity. and it was on a gold dredge as part of the tour. another time i lived in a garage with sara. we fit some bunk beds in there. but i have been particularly been thinking about the places i have lived with todd in the last few years since we have been married. we've lived in both fun and annoying places. for instance: we've had 2 midget showers. but i will let the video illustrate.

i love that song. it reminds me of when me and todd first started dating. and i was wearing that double breasted corduroy jacket. and he was wearing that insulated levi jacket of his grandpa's.