I suppose we are all continuously evolving. This is one way Todd evolves.

This is moments after we got engaged.

This is five years later. I wonder how much we have evolved.

We went to some hotsprings for our 5 year anniversary. There was a group of barely post-tween girls there. They were on a cheer squad and cheered a lot. I was happy to get in the showers away from them. Suddenly I was surrounded by two of them in the shower stalls on both sides of me. They were doing fake Brittish accents to fool us.
Fairly Dim One: "I am so happy we are on this trip to America!"
A Little Bit Smarter One: "Yeah!"
Fairly Dim One: "Yes, because we are not from America, we are from Brittish!"
A Little Bit Smarter One: "We are not from Brittish! We SPEAK Brittish!"
Fairly Dim One: "Yes, and I am so happy we are from Brittish. Americans are so stupid!"
Ah, yes. A comforting conclusion.

I wonder what they will evolve to....