40 Hikes 40 Trails 2016

#14 Arcadia
#13 Top of Lady Bug Trail
#12 Chircawas
#11 Turkey Creek
#10 Bonita Springs
#9 Spring Canyon
#8 Ladybug Trail
#7 Fry Mesa
#6 Gila Box
#5 Round the Mountain Part II
#4 Soldier Trail
#3 Round the Mountain
#2 Tucson Mountain Park
#1 Ash Creek


January: Indigogo Campaign
February: Women's Funding Alliance #togetherequal
March: MVMC Moab 
May: Americans for Responsible Solutions


To the keepers of my heart: Happy Valentine's Day 2016

If I could
I would curl up and live
in between my hand and your tiny one.

If I could
I would cling
between my kiss and your plush cheeks.

I would hover
in the motion of your arms going up
and mine reaching down to hold you.

If I could
I would breath a million breaths
into the air
where your words "I love you" linger.


Birth Days.

wait, what? how did we get here?? 1 and 3??